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The County of El Dorado District Attorney’s Office investigates and prosecutes those who commit insurance fraud and violate California consumer protection laws. The fraud hotline and our web page provide county residents with an opportunity to report cases of fraud including:

  • Identity Theft
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud (video)
  • Real Estate Fraud (video, flyer, brochure)
  • Contractor Fraud
  • Consumer Protection
  • Auto Insurance Fraud
  • Environmental Crimes

Report Suspected Fraud

The County of El Dorado District Attorney’s Office acts as a hub of information to refer residents to appropriate regulatory agencies for various complaints. Often complaints tend to be civil in nature but the complainant still wishes to make a formal complaint. This is your opportunity. To report a suspected violation of these laws call the Fraud Hotline @ (866) 629-0171 or complete the following form:

Please submit the completed form to:
[email protected]
County of El Dorado District Attorney
778 Pacific Street
Placerville, CA 95667
Attn: Fraud Unit

Fraud Alert

Fraud Prevention

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Insurance Fraud

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