District Attorney Vern Pierson Announces Conviction for Theft from an Elder, Identity Theft, Perjury, Forgery and Welfare Fraud

Posted: February 26, 2019

District Attorney Vern Pierson announces the conviction of Kristine Rounseville for Theft from an Elder, two counts of Identity Theft, Perjury, Forgery, and Welfare Fraud.

On February 19, 2019, Kristine Rounseville was sentenced to seven years prison (three years in custody and four years on Mandatory Court Supervision) for felony violations of PC 368(D) - Theft from an Elder, PC 530.5(c)(2) - Identity Theft with a Prior, PC 118 -Perjury by Declaration, PC 470(b)- Forgery, PC530.5 - Identity Theft,  and one misdemeanor count of WI 10980(c)(1) -Welfare Fraud. Pursuant to 1170(h), Ms. Rounseville's prison sentence will be served locally. Stay-away orders were also issued for Ms. Rounseville's  six victims. 

Ms. Rounseville's recurring criminal behavior has made her a frequent flyer in the El Dorado Superior Court. In fact, this negotiated plea involved several criminal acts, including attempting to pay her bail bondsman, daycare, grocery store, and for a car wash with forged checks, committing multiple acts of welfare fraud, and stealing from an 81 year-old man and his caregiver. In addition, Ms. Rounseville was also convicted of multiple acts of identity theft and admitted that she had been previously convicted of identity theft at an earlier date.

The cases were prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Erin Tognetti as a part of the Welfare Fraud Unit  and Deputy District Attorney Kassie Cardullo as a part of the Special Victim's Unit. The case was investigated by the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office and the El Dorado County District Attorney's Office, with special assistance from District Attorney Investigator Ryan Andelin.