Nicest Drug Dealer You'll Ever Meet Convicted

Posted: June 08, 2018


Calvin Carl Combs, age 37, was convicted on June 8, 2018 of Felony Transportation of Narcotics.  

On October 21, 2017, Combs was stopped by an El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff for traffic violations.  When asked for his license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance, Combs stated that his wallet had gone missing. The deputy noted that there was a baseball bat near Combs; so he asked Combs to step out of his vehicle to separate Combs from this potential weapon while investigating whether Combs was a licensed driver.  Once outside the vehicle, Combs told the deputy that the vehicle registration and insurance were inside.  The deputy checked the glove box first, and was then directed by Combs to check behind the driver seat.  Still unable to locate the vehicle insurance and registration information, the deputy looked inside the center console and immediately noticed it had been altered to create a hiding spot underneath the console. While looking into that space, the deputy located containers commonly used to hide narcotics.  Opening the containers revealed a large quantity of methamphetamine.  After being Mirandized, Combs admitted to being a drug dealer and told the deputy that he was the nicest drug dealer the deputy would ever meet.

Combs was sentenced to a year in the County Jail. Combs waived his good time credits and was placed on formal, supervised probation for 5 years.  This case was investigated by the El Dorado Sheriff Department and prosecuted by the District Attorney Core Prosecution Team.