South Lake Tahoe Man Sent to Prison For Domestic Violence

Posted: April 20, 2018

Eric James Brown, age 52, was sentenced to 16 months state prison for threatening to kill his wife, a violation of Penal Code section 422, a felony "strike" offense.


The crime occurred on January 6, 2018, when defendant became enraged while driving with his wife, arguing over a TV remote and struck her in the head.  Defendant then dragged his wife into their home and held her down while threatening to kill her.  The victim did not initially report the crime to law enforcement, but when she sought treatment for her injuries at a local hospital, the hospital contacted police and an investigation was initiated.  


Defendant has two prior domestic violence convictions, a misdemeanor from 2005 and a felony from 2006.  The case was investigated by the South Lake Tahoe Police Department and prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Miles Perry.