Car Thief Who Flees Ends Up Running Into Prison

Posted: February 05, 2018

On January 25, 2018, William Osborne pleaded no contest to a felony violation of evading an officer with willful disregard for safety, a felony violation of unlawfully driving or taking a vehicle, and a misdemeanor violation of driving on a suspended license.  Mr. Osborne also admitted that he had a prior strike conviction.  He will be sentenced on February 27, 2018, to four years in state prison.

On January 11, 2018, an officer from the California Highway Patrol observed Osborne driving a Toyota at a speed of 92 miles per hour on Highway 50.  When the officer attempted to pull that vehicle over, Osborne attempted to escape by speeding up to as much as 115 mph.  Osborne exited Highway 50 at Ponderosa Road, made two right turns at red lights without stopping, and began to travel on North Shingle Road at speeds of 90 to 110 mph.  Osborne twice passed other cars by crossing over the solid double yellow lines, entering the oncoming traffic lane.  The pursuit ended when Osborne lost control of the Toyota and crashed into a drainage ditch.  Osborne and the three other occupants of the vehicle attempted to flee from the scene on foot but were caught by CHP and other law enforcement officers who arrived on-scene to assist.  It was later determined that the Toyota had been reported stolen. 

Mr. Osborne also has prior convictions for burglary and carrying a concealed dirk or dagger.  The other passengers face misdemeanor charges that are yet to be resolved.  The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Brittany Griffith, a vertical prosecutor with the Auto Fraud Task Force.