District Attorney Vern Pierson Announces Conviction of Daniel Ramirez Rios

Posted: November 06, 2017

On November 1, 2017, after a two-day jury trial, Daniel Ramirez Rios, age 43, was found guilty of six counts of violating a domestic violence restraining order and one count of intentionally distributing the images of the intimate body parts of another person - also known as "revenge porn."  Mr. Rios was remanded into custody after the jury's verdict was announced. 

In 2013, Mr. Rios was convicted in El Dorado County of one count of misdemeanor domestic violence and one count of misdemeanor child abuse and endangerment.  The victims in that case were Mr. Rios's wife and minor daughter.  After that conviction, Mr. Rios was sentenced to a three year term of probation and 30 days in county jail.  The Court in that case also issued a three year criminal protective order which prohibited Mr. Rios from contacting his wife and daughter.

Starting in March of 2016, and continuing to September of 2016, Mr. Rios made repeated, prohibited contact with both his wife and daughter.  During one 24-hour period in April of 2016, Mr. Rios sent over 40 text messages to his wife, most of which were aggressive and even threatening in tone.

In September of 2016, Mr. Rios sent a dozen text messages to his wife, several of which included explicit photographs of the intimate body parts of his ex-girlfriend.  Mr. Rios sent these sexually explicit images with the intent to cause emotional distress not only to his wife, the recipient of the images, but also to his ex-girlfriend. 

At the time their relationship came to an end, Mr. Rios's ex-girlfriend had begged Mr. Rios to delete these sexually explicit images from his phone, but Mr. Rios refused and told her that he intended to post the images on an "ex-girlfriend revenge porn" site as punishment to her for breaking up with him.  

After the case was submitted to the jury, it took the eight women and four men jury less than 40 minutes to return with guilty verdicts on all seven counts.

On November 3, 2017, Mr. Rios was sentenced by the Honorable Thomas A. Smith to 360 days in county jail and a three year term of probation.  Judge Smith also issued three new criminal protective orders for the three victims in the case - wife, child, and ex-girlfriend.