Sentencing of Nicholas Coldren Blizzard

Posted: October 06, 2017

People v. Nicholas Coldren Blizzard

Case No. P17CRF0181


On June 9, 2017, Nicholas Coldren Blizzard pleaded no contest multiple counts occurring over several dates.  The felony charges Mr. Blizzard pleaded no contest to include: two counts of domestic violence, two counts of resisting an executive officer, and one count of child endangerment.  Mr. Blizzard also pleaded no contest to: One count of battery on a peace officer, one count of disobeying a court order, one count of domestic battery, one count of child endangerment, one count of driving under the influence, and one count of resisting a peace officer, all misdemeanors.  He was sentenced by the Honorable Gary Hahn on September 26, 2017 to a Court offer of 5 years formal probation and Mr. Blizzard will serve a total of 216 days in the county jail.  A sentence of six years in the state prison was suspended pending successful completion of probation.  The People's recommended sentence was four years in the state prison.


Mr. Blizzard has previous convictions for drug related offenses and a prior conviction for driving under the influence.