Interview by Fox40

Posted: July 10, 2017

I was just interviewed by Fox40 about my strong opposition to Senate Bill 54, the "Sanctuary State" bill that is working its way through the Legislature.

The bill prohibits cooperation and communication between local, state and federal law enforcement in instances where an arrestee has been convicted of crimes such as child abuse, sexual battery, sexual abuse of a disabled or unconscious person, elder abuse, solicitation of murder, driving under the influence causing bodily injury or death, and human trafficking, to name a few.

The primary beneficiary of the bill would be convicted felons in state prison or local county jails. Supporters of this bill are urging that this is needed to protect local law enforcement from being forced into front line immigration enforcement - something that is prohibited by the 10th Amendment and United States Supreme Court precedence.

This bill makes it harder for local, state and federal law enforcement to do their jobs and is unconstitutional.